Young Workers Legal Service

Volunteer Testimonials - Sam

"I have enjoyed my time at the service greatly. Our clients are many and varied. Some are well educated, and articulate, however, many have minimal knowledge of the law and their rights. We're able to educate them concerning their options, assist them in negotiating with their employers, writing letters, making phone calls, and if necessary to make claims to enforce their rights. It is practical assistance designed to meet their needs. It is very satisfying to help these people and give them a voice in our legal system. For some, if we didn't help them, then it is possible that no one else would.

We are able to make practical differences in the lives of young workers. For me I also appreciate the fact that the Service is established by the Trades and Labor Council. It is good to be not just meeting the immediate needs of workers, but to be part of a broader movement that is securing the interests of workers in general and that is effecting long-term change."

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