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Volunteer Testimonials - Alison

"My time at the Young Workers Legal Service was highly rewarding and educational. It opened my eyes to how little you learn in the classroom and how much you learn in the real world. Through my participation in the service I was able to gain experience that is not commonly available to law students. Volunteers at the service are not on 'work experience', rather they carry out most tasks of a legal practitioner".

"As a volunteer I conducted many interviews, drafted letters and imparted legal advice covering a wide range of industrial issues. We received great support from our supervisors, without being crowded, and were required to step outside our comfort zones by conducting interviews with clients (a stage which involved a high level of responsibility) independently. This forced us to develop a sharper understanding of the law thus accelerating our growth and maximising the educational gains."

“I signed up to the YWLS for two reasons. First, I was interested in employment law. I'd studied it as an elective, and I was struck by its relevance to people's everyday lives. Second, I was keen for practical legal experience. I'd studied for five years and knew a fair bit of law, but I didn't know what legal practice involved."

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