Young Workers Legal Service

Become a YWLS Volunteer

"The service is a good place to learn. We receive excellent training, we work in pairs, and industrial officers experienced in employment law check the advice that we give. They monitor our work and are always willing to give us support and guidance".
~ Past Volunteer

We are often looking for new volunteers to assist at the Young Workers Legal Service. Generally, there are approximately two intakes a year, one in January and one in July; however, according to need we may have new volunteers start at other times.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • Are law students at Adelaide, UniSA or Flinders Law schools;
  • Have approximately 1-2 years left of their degree;
  • Can commit the best part of a Tuesday to working for the service;
  • Have an interest in employment law;
  • Are keen to promote the rights of young workers both individually and collectively and provide access to justice for people who cannot access the system; and
  • Wish to support and advance the principles of unionism.

The experience you receive at the YWLS includes:

  • Interviewing clients;
  • Managing your own files under supervision;
  • Finding legal solutions to legal problems;
  • Providing legal advice under supervision;
  • Experience in drafting legal correspondence and using relevant forms for Industrial tribunals;
  • An understanding of many areas of employment law including workers compensation, unfair dismissals, equal opportunity and discrimination, underpayment of wages, occupational health and safety and workplace dispute resolution;
  • Research in the employment law area;
  • An exposure to the work of trade unions;
  • And we provide induction training in a range of industrial and employment law areas and ongoing legal and practical training.

  • Volunteer Testimonials

    This is what some of our former volunteers have said about working at YWLS

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