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Experiences of Sexual Harassment amongst Young Women Workers: An Exploration of Power and Opportunity
This paper was presented by Anne Purdy and Nadine Levy of the YWLS at the Women and IR Conference in Darwin August 2010.

Media Releases

Almost One in Three Young People Caught up in Workplace Bullying
A recent survey has revealed that almost one in three young people have been bullied or have witnessed bullying at work.  The research has found some deeply concerning statistics about the rate of workplace bullying.  Thirteen per cent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 said they had been bullied at work, with another 19% having witnessed it. >>>media release ... 7/8/12

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Warning to Young People on Unpaid Work Scams : Young people looking for work are being offered unpaid trial shifts and "internships" to get work experience says the Young Workers Legal Service at the launch of their campaign today to warn young people of unpaid work scams. >>>media release 31/7/12

Bogus Work Experience : The Young Workers Legal Service is sending out a warning to parents these school holidays to be on the look out for dodgy unpaid trial work shifts and internships >>>media release 11/4/12